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Mehabere Kidusan gave training to its regular preachers and teachers



Mehaber Kidusan’s education and apostolic service main section gave a training to improve the ability of its regular preachers and teachers who came from its twelve branch headquarters. The head of the section Deacon Anduamlak Yebeltal stated that the training was given to regular preachers and teachers from twelve branch and some from the main headquarters He further explained the relevance of the training as important to give the preachers ability to implement the curriculum of ‘Gebi Gubaiates’ and enhance their ability so that they give many service that are desired by all. The training had three main courses such as project, development, literary work preparation and bettering communication skills.

The head of preachers training and placement Ato Yabebal Mulualem said that the training has the capacity to improve the general knowledge and the service of the trainees. The training took place from Tahisas 21 -25 2001 E.C and had 23 trainees. An amount of 13,800 birr had been allotted for this training and well qualified and experienced intellectuals had given the training.  He has further stated that the training will enable the preachers to acquire the necessary abilities like, developing projects, improving different previous publications and follow up and controlling projects. Moreover, the training will facilitate work by minimizing the knowledge gap that exists in different section and create a smooth cooperation during their service.

A panel conference held on Church advice support



On 26 Tahsas 2001 E.C. Mehabere Kidusan’s members’ affair section held a panel conference on how to give a continuous and formal advisory support for the laity of the EOTC in the hall of HIV/ADIS prevention and control office. The decision was on the theme “Spiritual life and advisory service”. Many important ideas had been raised by the participants during the discussion. The section has been given direction by important points raised in the conference on how to improve its service and solve the problems of the laity.


The head of Members affair subsection Ato Estifanos Taffese had stated at the end that the conference got ideas for its feature works. All the participants were able to share the rich experience of the church fathers on the issue.


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