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Mystery of incarnation


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Time To Beat The Three Cardinal Sins!!


A New Book Published on
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The Lord is Baptized !





Be humble!



The Fast of Nineveh

Look at the Lilies of the land

St. John's Day


A Short life history of martybishop Abune Petros


Forward a Solution Other Than Tell Me to Leave Him!












A Church built in the name of His Grace Abune Petros, the Ethiopian Martyr of Righteousness, inaugurated



A Church and commemorating obelisk built in the name of His Grace Abune Petros, the Ethiopian Marty of Righteousness, who was murdered by the Italians was inaugurated on Ginbot 1, 2001 E.C. (May9, 2009) by His Holiness Abune Paulos, Patriarch of the EOTC, Bishop of Axum and Echege to the See of Tekle Haymanot, President of the World Church Council and Honorary President of the World Conference of Religions for Peace,  and Ato Abadula Gemeda, President of the Oromiya National Regional State.....>>More



Addis Ababa Diocese building inaugurated



The building that the Addis Ababa Diocese of the EOTC had constructed for more than 16 million birr was inaugurated. The building is said to alleviate the space problem that the Diocese has faced and provide additional services..... >>More



Our Lady gave me back my light just in one day



Her name is Aynalem Berhanu and her Christian name is Welete Berhan (meaning daughter of light). She is a 10 year old girl who was born in Kera, Addis Ababa. She is a grade four student at Atse Zera Yakob Primary School..... >>More



Two churches in West Hararge called for help



The ministers two churches in Me’eso Wereda of the West Harage Diocese called for help from the laity because they could not provide the appropriate services due to shortage of priests and lack of church articles..... >>More



Building Kuskuam Mariam church started


A church is under construction for Kuskuam Mariam - an arch stayed in a tent on her will. The ground stone has been laid down and blessed by His Grace Abune Samuel, the bishop of Addis Ababa diocese.... >>More



A lot has to be done to free the youth from unemployment


His Grace Abune Samuel, Bishop of the Diocese of Addis Ababa and the supportive bishop of the patriarch, discloses, a lot has to be done to make the youth who congregate in the church from unemployment.... >>More

Animal fattening Project Implementation at Asebot Monastery



Mahibere Kidusan Asebe Teferi sub center discloses that a ground stone has been laid down to implement animal fattening project at Asebot Debre Wegeg Holy Trinity and Aba Samuel Monastery which is found at Asebot town, Me’eso wereda, Western Harerge diocese.... >>More





Perpetuality of marriage



The purpose and the meaning of marriage will help us to handle the issue in due respect. One of the essences of marriage is its perpetuality. Marriage doesn't have an end. After it is stabilized, marriage is supposed to grow stronger and larger.


The love between husband and wife increases more and more. They become intimate and acqintanted. Their exemplerary manners will be shared by other members in the family.... >> More







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